Published: Dec 1, 2023

Around the district is a monthly update that includes a collection of stories from ۿ۴ý schools. These stories highlight ۿ۴ý's vibrant learning community, which fosters student engagement, creativity, and well-being in inclusive learning environments.

The grand unveiling of a new library learning commons at one of our schools showcased its revitalized space after undergoing extensive renovations this past summer. The event welcomed district staff, teachers, administrators, and library pages and club members to explore and revel in the innovative environment.

More than just a celebration, this event showcased the power of investing in flexible spaces and thoughtful design. It highlighted how these elements can bring communities together, support student learning, and create a welcoming environment that caters to diverse needs.

The evening also provided a platform to express gratitude to all those who supported the process, collaborated on the vision, and contributed to the physical transformation itself.
LCC grand opening

Several schools embraced "BURR Sweater Days" as the weather turned cold this year. On three designated days, staff turned down the heat and encouraged students to wear warm clothes like sweaters or hoodies, thereby reducing energy use through this behavior change.

In embracing "BURR Sweater Days," our schools not only kept warm during the colder months but also made a significant impact on energy conservation. This simple yet effective initiative showcased our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. It is a reminder that even small changes in behavior can lead to substantial benefits for our environment and the future generations we aim to protect.

BURR sweater days

As part of Strategic Priority 3, the ۿ۴ý Board of Education is committed to providing every student and staff member with optimized facilities and technology. This commitment underscores the district's responsibility to ensure that each learner has access to well-maintained, equitable, safe, secure and inspiring educational spaces.

"Unlocking Potential: Bridging Technology and Learning" explores the role that technology plays in shaping students' educational journeys. In this video, you will discover firsthand how our library learning commons empowers students to thrive in a digital age. As students share their experiences, you will witness the transformative impact of our optimized facilities and technology on their educational journey. They discuss the inclusivity of these library spaces, emphasizing their ability to provide not only meaningful and effective learning experiences, but also equitable access to essential resources.

Join us on this enlightening journey into our school library learning commons, where learning is enhanced through the use of technology, and where student potential is unlocked.

Throughout our district, the vibrant spirit of Diwali came alive as students and staff joined in lively celebrations filled with color, culture, and togetherness. From delicious samosas and rice pudding to the creation of Diyas — symbols of prosperity for the new year — our schools were filled with the warmth of Diwali traditions.

One school transformed their library learning commons into a hub of cultural exploration. Here, students and staff explored resources that allowed them to better understand the significance of Diwali. This immersive experience enriched their knowledge and created an environment of cultural appreciation that resonated throughout the school community.

By participating in Diwali celebrations, students share a sense of unity and appreciation for the various cultures that enrich our district, contributing to a more inclusive and respectful learning environment.


Inspired by the book Actual Size, students explored length and perimeter inside and outside the classroom. While undertaking diverse measurement challenges like ranking animals based on height and length, students used various tools (e.g. rulers, meter sticks, tape measures, meter wheels) to enhance their mathematical skills.

In an engaging outdoor challenge, students partnered up and used meter sticks and meter wheels to measure the length of the school. As the measuring tools were put to use, a revelation unfolded — the meter wheels not only exhibited greater accuracy but also proved remarkably user-friendly, surpassing the conventional meter sticks.

The excitement of taking math challenges outdoors added a dynamic twist to the students’ learning experience. After completing their measurements, they collaborated to draw detailed pictures showcasing their work. From measuring animals and schools, to mastering the intricacies of meter wheels, the students fully embraced the adventure of math in the great outdoors!


For many years, the Waste Diversion Program has been a cornerstone of sustainability and environmental consciousness within our schools. This year, two elementary students went on a remarkable journey when they identified an opportunity for improvement in their school’s waste diversion bins.

Where do chopsticks go? Parchment paper? Pizza boxes with leftovers? Knowing that contaminated recycling would go straight to the trash, they tackled the issue head-on and navigated the challenges of these lunch items.

The students crafted a presentation to share with the school and collaborated with their parent advisory council to reduce waste. They inspected waste stations to further educate their peers and hosted informative sessions in the staff room. With their continued dedication, these waste warriors have made an amazing impact so far and are aiming for a substantial waste reduction by the end of the school year.

This impactful green initiative has shown what shared dedication can do for a greener and more sustainable future.

waste warriors

The Minister of Education and Child Care Rachna Singh shared exciting news during a recent visit to one of our elementary schools. The district will receive funding of $16.5 million from the province to add 275 new student spaces at Brighouse and Cook elementary school.

Recognizing the recent increase of young families living within the ۿ۴ý, Samuel Brighouse Elementary School will receive 150 new seats and William Cook Elementary School will receive 125. Both schools are expected to welcome students in fall 2024.

"Through the provincial government's investment in school infrastructure, we are beginning to take the necessary steps to address the growing need for additional seating in ۿ۴ý's rapidly expanding city centre," said Debbie Tablotney, board chair, ۿ۴ý. "This much-needed funding will contribute to the well-being and success of our students, while supporting our vision for a thriving educational community that supports all families."

With $16.5 million from the province, the two new additions will provide the ۿ۴ý with 11 additional classrooms featuring unique designs, providing students with bright and spacious learning areas, while offering the benefits of a school environment. 

classroom funding


In a solemn tribute to Remembrance Day, schools across our district participated in a variety of thoughtfully planned activities to commemorate this day. Ceremonies and assemblies became center stage for heartfelt expressions and musical performances.

A school choir took center stage at the City of ۿ۴ý's Remembrance Day ceremony, delivering a beautiful rendition of "In Flanders Fields". This powerful performance echoed the sentiments of a grateful community, united in remembrance.

Some students collaborated on art displays to honour the occasion, while others wrote reflections and poetry. During an applied design, skill, and technology class, students expressed their creativity by designing meaningful buttons. In the days leading up to Remembrance Day, they proudly wore their buttons hoping to spread a message of peace, diversity and unity.

With these diverse and heartfelt activities, our schools stood together, acknowledging the profound impact of those who served.

Remembrance Day