Published: Nov 1, 2023

Around the district is a monthly update that includes a collection of stories from ۿ۴ý schools. These stories highlight ۿ۴ý's vibrant learning community which fosters student engagement, creativity, and well-being in inclusive learning environments.

Inspired by the heartwarming short film, 'Caine's Arcade,' the Cardboard Challenge is a global celebration that spotlights children's creativity and emphasizes the pivotal role communities play in nurturing it. This year's event showcased our students' growth and imaginative prowess in a truly enlightening manner.

Students embarked on a creative journey, crafting a variety of games, including miniature golf, interactive activities like the "claw," ball toss, and even physical challenges. These innovative creations were designed to both challenge and entertain their eager guests.

The school's gymnasium buzzed with youthful energy. Students, teachers, and their families gathered to explore and interact with these ingenious cardboard creations. The presence of Superintendent Usih also added to the sense of community that defines our district. His interaction with the young creators not only encouraged their efforts but also showcased the district's dedication to nurturing young talent and promoting hands-on learning experiences.

cardboard challenge

Students from our district embarked on an enriching journey into the worlds of food and nature as they participated in BC Culture Days. The engaging educational experience was beautifully encapsulated in their exhibit titled "Cycle-logical Wonders."

In close collaboration with local artists and the ۿ۴ý Arts Coalition, a series of workshops was held at the Sharing Farm in Terra Nova. With the guidance of local artists, students participated in nature journaling and colour theory in exploring the life cycle of apples, which they finally translated into beautiful artwork. Another class of students ventured crafted apple crumble tarts, which were thoughtfully decorated to represent the various phases of the moon.

This exhibit offered students a unique opportunity to explore their talents and build connections with the natural world. Through their art, students shared their unique perspectives and voices with the community, fostering connections among families, friends, and art enthusiasts.

culture days

In a remarkable international education initiative, students from New Zealand's Tauranga Intermediate School, the Coast Salish Tsatsu Stalqayu (Coastal Wolf Pack), and the ۿ۴ý came together in a celebration of heritage and unity.

This transformative event, centered on Indigenous arts, stories, and identity, served as a unique platform for students to not only share their cultural richness but also to learn from each other. It deepened their understanding of diverse cultures, reinforcing connections and promoting unity among students from around the world.

Our district stands committed to offering students diverse and inclusive educational experiences that expand their horizons and foster a shared appreciation for the global community. The bonds and friendships formed during this cultural exchange undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on our students’ lives, nurturing a sense of global citizenship and an enduring commitment to unity and diversity.

cultural exchange

Rain or shine, the annual District Elementary Cross Country Fun Run is a much-anticipated event that unites young athletes from across ۿ۴ý's elementary schools. This year, despite the chilly weather, the event at Garry Point Park was no exception. From Grades 1 to 7, students showcased their resilience and grit.

The young athletes faced the challenging conditions with unwavering determination. Their smiles and enthusiasm during the run were truly heartening. They proved that they were up to the challenge, inspiring everyone who witnessed their incredible efforts.

Once again, this event underscored the dedication and sportsmanship of ۿ۴ý's students. It's a testament to the passion for running and the strong sense of community that these students and their schools share. Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding commitment and spirit!

fun run

Two high schoolers, Joshua and Jason, undertook a life-changing adventure through our district's Explorations Program. This program is tailored to empower Grade 12 students with diverse abilities, equipping them with essential skills for transitioning from high school to young adulthood.

One pivotal component of the program involves travel training, in partnership with TransLink, which enables students to confidently navigate public transportation systems. This newfound sense of independence has profoundly transformed the lives of Joshua and Jason. Joshua now embarks on adventures in ۿ۴ý, savors coffee with friends, and shops in downtown Vancouver. As for Jason, who had never taken a bus before, this program has opened doors for him to journey to Vancouver for lunch and to ride the SeaBus to North Vancouver.

Enter the world of creative wonder, where our youngest kindergarteners have woven their artistic magic. These budding artists, armed with boundless imagination, have crafted captivating artworks sure to bring a smile to your face.

Using torn magazine paper and lively watercolors as their tools, our students transformed everyday materials into remarkable works of art. Their creations take us on a journey of discovery, revealing the beauty in simplicity and offering a fresh perspective on the world around us.

Each artwork represents a celebration of the storytelling abilities these children have uncovered through their creative endeavors. Every piece offers a distinct and refreshing viewpoint, leaving a memorable mark on the school's hallways.

K students art

Under the warm autumn sun, students embarked on an outdoor adventure to unveil nature's hidden artistry. With their creativity and collaborative spirits in full bloom, these young minds transformed the fallen leaves into their very own natural rainbows. This creative adventure sparked curiosity, leading students to ponder how the passage of time might influence the vibrancy of their leafy rainbows.

This exploration process proved to be an engaging way for students to connect with the seasonal beauty that ۿ۴ý provides. Through this hands-on experience, the students showcased their knack for blending artistic expression with scientific inquiry.

fall leaves

A humble bucket of apples sparked a week-long apple inquiry project, a journey through comprehensive learning encompassing literacy, numeracy, art, and even culinary exploration.

Throughout the week, students eagerly immersed themselves in a diverse array of activities that both tickled their taste buds and challenged their minds. The highlight of their adventure was the creation of homemade applesauce. With an easy-to-follow recipe and the help of an Instant Pot, the class was rewarded with what they unanimously agreed to be "the best applesauce ever."

Students then participated in apple-themed literacy exercises, igniting their imaginations while refining their reading skills. This was complemented by numeracy challenges and apple-themed counting activities, providing an engaging pathway for them to explore mathematical concepts.

Creativity filled the air as apple stamping led students to create collaborative art pieces. These projects not only nurtured self-expression but also sparked intriguing conversations about mathematical concepts, particularly those related to part-whole relationships.


Students embarked on a delightful journey into the realms of literature and art. Their mission? To reimagine their most cherished books by creating captivating book cover designs. This project wasn't just a creative outlet; it was an opportunity for students to express their love for literature and showcase their budding artistic talents.

Over the course of two weeks, a total of 110 students wholeheartedly joined the contest, each contributing their distinct artistic viewpoint. These young artists skillfully incorporated their love for storytelling with their creative skills, using various mediums such as acrylic paints, charcoal, crayons, and collages. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable – a breathtaking compilation of book cover illustrations that now grace the walls of the school's recently renovated library and hallways.

These impressive artworks stand as a testament to the vibrant literary and artistic community thriving within the school. They cultivate an environment where inspiration flourishes, and students are encouraged to freely express themselves.

book cover contest